Our heart is in Amsterdam. Pelican Brothers is an adventurous brand with a unique position in the fashion industry.

You would think: Brothers, a pelican and voilà you have our name. But our name really comes from somewhere else. Our name comes from one of the Islands of the New York Barrier Island south of New York. We chose Pelican Brothers because we like to combine adventures, travel and creative places.

Our studio is located in Amsterdam, wich is brimming with creativity and energy - this is where our unique designs come to life. A colorful, organized chaos, prototypes, books, graphic designs, paintings and color charts. In the studio we found inspiration and we also work hard to make your bracelet.

We firmly believe in the optimal combination of style and timeless designs - thats exactly what Pelican Brothers stand for. We are not afraid of bright colors, surprising creations and fresh designs.

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